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Health At Minimal Cost

We are delighted to present the most affordable neurosurgery services in Kurukshetra, as we want to see you healthy and delighted. We believe the better way is to start every day with a healthy smile. Our holistic approach will bring health to your life and will induce positive energy by providing cost-effective and minimally invasive solutions.

Call us for more details, and to get an overview of the health solutions we offer.


Professional Healthcare Provider

We are efficient in handling :



  1. Traumatic head injuries (Subdural, Epidural, Intra cerebral Hematoma, Depressed fracture)
  2. Stroke( Hemorrhage/Infarct)
  3. Brain tumors(Glioma, meningioma, others ..)
  4. Arteriovenous Malformation
  5. Aneurysm
  6. Hydrocephalus
  7. Brain infection (Abscess..)


  1. Minimally Invasive spine surgery 
  2. Cervical/Lumbar prolapsed disc
  3. Spine Fractures (Traumatic/ osteoporotic )
  4. Spinal Tumors
  5. Spinal Infections (Tuberculosis….)


Patients Deserve The Best From Us

Dr. Himanshu Jain is the Chief brain & spine surgeon and is competent in all kinds of neuro surgeries like brain tumour surgery, aneurysm surgery, spine surgery & instrumentation, disc replacement surgery, nerve decompression surgery, trauma surgery and many more. He pursued his M.Ch (Neurosurgery) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi & M.S.(General   Surgery) from King George’s Medical College Lucknow.

Dr. Himanshu Jain
MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Neurosurgery)


Protect yourself and the ones you love

A neurosurgeon needs to take prompt actions based on the patient’s situation and he has to tackle them with his inherited quality of forbearance & fortitude. Dr. Himanshu Jain is a learned and scholarly person with years of accumulated experience.  He is a strong-willed personality and treats his patients after comprehensive observation and taking suggestions from another team of specialists. He has worked in many reputed organisations to gain excellence in this field. His experience includes working as :

  • Associate consultant at Max Hospital, Delhi
  • Senior resident at Fortis Hospital, Noida
  • Senior resident at Sushruta Trauma Center, Delhi
  • Senior resident at IHBAAS, Delhi

Call Dr. Himanshu Jain for any kind of critical situation, to get the most effective and best treatment.

spine injury

Improving lives together

Every life is precious, and every act of improving health will bring blessings to the world. We are harbingers of health and happiness and thus we feel responsible and transform lives by working as a team.

Skill 87%
Skill 92%
Skill 82%


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

 We believe that prevention is always better than cure, so we suggest our patients to be cautious but still if they fall prey to some critical situation, we are there.

We provide Comprehensive patient management (trauma cases)- All modalities of treatment are available under one roof including:

  •  Protocol-based therapy
  •  OPD Documentation,and statistics 
  • Special nursing and rehabilitative services as required 
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic facilities


You are in good care

I do not want to remember the day when I got a severe head injury, I am a student at a well-known college. I was on my two-wheeler and suddenly got hit by a tractor. I do not remember, who called the emergency services and I was taken due care by Dr. Himanshu Jain. For two days I was under observation. I am perfectly fine now and never felt pain again. Now also, I visit the doctor for regular check-ups.

Deepanshi Patient

I am a businessman and had some symptoms of cervical pain. I have to sit the whole day on a chair and my day-to-day routine is a little sedentary. So, I developed cervical pain but to my surprise, Dr. Himanshu Jain helped me to cure it, and also suggested me changes in my lifestyle. I am blessed that I chose to go to him otherwise my whole body structure would have been affected. My posture is reformed and it would not be wrong to say that I follow his prescription religiously.

Mr. Amit Sharma Patient

I never believed in miracles but now I do, as my niece who is studying in school, developed a neurological disorder. Dr not only recognised the root cause of the problem but cured it well. I would say,`Thank You Dr Himanshu Jain’

Arjun Kumar Patient


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