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Brain Tumor treatment in kurukshetra

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Not only Brain Tumor Treatment in Kurukshetra, but we also treat all neurosurgical Disorders

A brain tumour is not a common disease like cough and cold but is critical if you suspect you or someone you know needs brain tumor treatment in Kurukshetra then Dr Himanshu is the one who would assist you in the treatment of brain tumors. A brain tumour is a commonly known term but still, people have very less knowledge about it and they think that they will never get affected by such kind of fatal disease. A regular check-up is required if you have any of the symptoms which are similar to the symptoms explained in the article.

There are various neurological tests which can help the doctor to get an idea of what exactly the patient is going through. Their examinations are as follows :

  • A vision test
  • Coordination and balance tests and diagnose
  • Hearing examination 
  • MRI is done to get an image of the brain damage
  • CT and PET are also similar kinds of examination
  • A biopsy is a kind of test where a needle is inserted to collect the cancerous tissue in the brain and thus brain tumour detection is done
  • There are various other examinations which are available according to the requirement

All these tests are available at our hospital and are reasonable in price.

Why us?

Non-cancerous and cancerous growth in the brain can hamper the progress of day-to-day activities, as we know that all functions of the bodywork with the help of the brain thus our body will become unbalanced or out of control if we do not get treatment for brain tumour then it becomes a life-threatening situation. These metastasis tumours have various symptoms and people generally face problems in making decisions and continuously feel nauseated. Dr Himanshu Jain`s hospital has round-the-clock services for diagnosing traumatic situations and handling them swiftly.

You must be aware that there are approximately 120 different kinds of brain tumors and as explained previously they have various symptoms. The surgeon has to monitor and examine what kind of cells are creating them and how badly they are affecting the patient’s life. There is a 50/50 chance that the tumors are cancerous. Dr Himanshu handles all these kinds of tumors very skillfully and takes decisions based on the tests and reports. His experience and friendly nature make the patient comfortable and medication assists him/her to recover fast.

When a patient comes for the treatment of any kind of problem or disease then the golden rule of Dr Himanshu`s staff is to make them feel at home. If the patient comes in an emergency like a head injury then he is taken to the intensive care unit without any delay and all the examinations are done under one roof with full assistance and co-operation of the staff members. If it is not an emergency then also patients are not kept waiting for longer durations. The work of a neurosurgeon is not confined to the brain tumor treatment in Kurukshetra or treatment of brain tumors there are other areas for which you can seek our assistance.

Our Services are :

  • Treatment of spinal disc
  •  The spinal tumour is also critical like the treatment of brain tumors
  • Head injury
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Spinal dysraphism
  • Spinal disc

All the above services are provided by us with the treatment of brain tumours. There is proper follow-up taken by the staff members and acute monitoring is done by Dr Himanshu himself.

 Significance of Brain :

The brain is a piece of machinery that controls the whole body. Our brain is composed of varied soft tissues and has a texture which is like gelatin. It has grey and white matter,gray matter has a pink tint( in case the brain has life) which is the outer layer, and the inner layer is white. The interesting thing is that when people are breathing their minds can stop working they are considered brain-dead. When a person has a brain tumour it slowly and steadily kills the control over the body and the brain which keeps sending messages to the whole body about how they have to perform, gets badly affected. Thus one ought to be very careful about the choice of the hospital for treatment of any brain-related issue.

The brain is segregated into lobes and these lobes efficiently perform the tasks which are specific to them. So what a tumor can do if these lobes are affected:

  • Frontal lobes : These lobes can be badly impacted and lead to impaired reasoning and social behaviour. The patient will not be able to plan well and Broca’s vicinity of speech production will be affected.
  • Temporal lobe : Memory and hearing loss and understanding the language are the consequences if this lobe is diseased.
  • Parietal lobe : Languages are poorly interpreted if tumours affect this area. A person can not speak, write, draw, name or perceive well.
  • Occipital lobe :  Poor vision or a complete loss of vision can occur if the area is affected.
  • Cerebellum : If one has a tumor in this area then balance, muscle movement and posture are worst.
  • Brain Stem : If the particular area of the brain is diseased then problems are there with respiratory organs, the patient can have headaches etc.

One must know that even though all the possible details are provided in the above points about the brain tumor effect, still only Googling will not assist you much. You need to go to a neurosurgeon to know more details and visit a knowledgeable surgeon like Dr Himanshu will provide you with wondrous results. One should not take any medicine just by searching for any article on any search engine. One should always take the help of an expert to treat any of their diseases.


Kurukshetra is a vicinity where people from the rural areas visit and this increases the responsibility of the Doctor because residents of Kurukshetra have complete trust in him. If any fatal accident or injury occurs then one must try to reach the doctor as soon as possible, as the stitch in time always saves nine thus reaching a neurosurgeon will be exuberant.

 Call Dr Himanshu for an expert opinion on neurosurgery-related problems.