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Cervical Pain treatment in Kurukshetra

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For Treatment of Cervical Pain And Other Neurosurgical Procedures Trust Only Dr. Himanshu Jain

Cervical has been a widespread problem of the contemporary era, now and then we hear about it. Various people need treatment for neck pain or cervical disc diseases treatment. The prudent and best neurosurgeon for cervical pain treatment in Kurukshetra is Dr Himanshu Jain, who can diagnose quickly and can impactfully perform neurosurgeries for treating disorders of the entire nervous system including body, brain, spine, limbs and face with state-of-art surgical cure. Various non-surgical and surgical methods are combined to treat the patient, which includes the help of a physiotherapist and a trained surgeon.

Why Dr Himanshu for Cervical Pain treatment in Kurukshetra?

Indeed, cervical treatment from our hospital will transform your lifestyle and help you to know the dos and don’ts in your daily life. If you are struggling to find cervical pain treatment in Kurukshetra, then you must certainly look for an experienced doctor like Dr Himanshu Jain. 

 We also assure you that from your entry to exit you will have a positive ambience, which will help you recover fast. This is well quoted that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and this reveals a great connection between body and brain.

The connection between the body and brain is well-known to a neurosurgeon, and this establishes the fact that neurosurgeons can prove life saviours in case of head injury or other such critical cases. Even though we hardly visit neurosurgeons, sometimes it is essential to go there for a routine check-up because you never know a tiny problem can be monstrous and can become a great obstacle in our routine life.

Our sedentary lifestyle has made us completely fall prey to problems which were not there at all when our bodies were active. We used to perform oodles of physical activities and cervical neck pain treatment was not required. Cervical neck pain treatment solves the problem that is caused because of spondylolysis or may be due to osteoarthritis. The transformations in bones with age and the change in discs and joints of one’s neck can be the cause of this and it generally occurs due to wear and tear in the cartilage and is most often found in old people. Dr Himanshu Jain is a neurosurgeon who provides cervical pain treatment in Kurukshetra and handles all the surgery cases meticulously.

Cervical pain occurs due to worn-out cartilage but sometimes due to some reasons, it can be developed at an early age too. Dr Himanshu Jain is a neurosurgeon who can perform cervical disc disease treatment including treatment for neck pain.

Our cervical neck pain treatment includes the following :

Cervical Pain Treatment in Kurukshetra with exercise and medication :

The first and foremost thing we need to know is that our cervical spine has a complex structure. So, it is sometimes difficult to directly go for the procedure of treatment for neck pain. As you will step into the consultation room of Dr Himanshu Jain, he will comprehend the root cause and will suggest to you some light exercises, if the pain is not critical and can be cured by yoga exercises like Ustrasna, modified Navasna, Vashishtasna etc. or many other light neck movements which will help to recover you fast. Physiotherapy treatment is also part of cervical neck pain treatment that includes physical exercise for those who cannot move their limbs without help. So slowly and steadily they are brought into the moment and treatment of cervical pain culminates if no further complication arises.

Medicinal support and advice for Cervical Disc Disease Treatment

Medicines are also given with light exercise if the pain is not relieved by only exercise or yoga. Dr Himanshu understands the patient’s history and then writes the prescription. The prescribed medicines are cost-effective and impactful in terms of their recovery process. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are given at the stage when the pain is not chronic and then sometimes narcotic drugs& steroids are also prescribed. Dr Himanshu Jain takes care of the fact that heavy dosages of medicines should be given only at that stage when there is a dire need for such heavy dosages. The history of the patient helps the neurosurgeon to weigh smartly the pros and cons of the prescribed drugs. The utmost care is taken to ensure that surgical treatments should always be the last option for the treatment of cervical pain.

A skilled Neurosurgeon for Cervical pain Treatment in Kurukshetra

Treatment of cervical pain can also be done by surgery and if it is done by the veteran then there is no need to worry. Dr Himanshu Jain will perform the surgery when the patient’s neck moments are very painful, the alignment of posture is not apt, the spine is not aligned well and all other methods have been tried. We assure the patient that he will get a speedy recovery and regular follow-ups will be taken to ensure that the surgery is successful and the patient has recovered completely.

Spinal Discs Treatment By An Expert

Spinal discs are like rubber pads, which are located between vertebrae. Ligaments in the spine structure help them to be at their place and also join the spinal bone structure.

Body moments are badly hindered and pain increases over time as this pain is a warning sign and is to be noted immediately. Obesity and poor bone density can be perilous and should be avoided.

Dr Himanshu Jain treats spinal discs and you will get complete treatment including surgical procedures. With cervical disc disease treatment, there are all other neurosurgery-related issues which ring an alarm and are treated here by Dr Himanshu. Surgery is his speciality and he performs it based on medical procedures and protocols.

The various other brain and spine surgeries performed by him are :

Brain –

1- Traumatic head injuries (Subdural, Epidural, Intra cerebral Hematoma, Depressed
2- Stroke (Hemorrhage/Infarct)
3- Brain tumours (Glioma, meningioma, others …)
4- Arteriovenous Malformation
5- Aneurysm
6- Hydrocephalus
7- Brain infection (Abscess.)


1- Minimally Invasive spine surgery
2- Cervical/Lumbar prolapsed disc
3- Spine Fractures (Traumatic/ osteoporotic)
4- Spinal Tumors
5- Spinal Infections (Tuberculosis….)

For any of the above discuss neurosurgeon Dr. Himashu Jain now.