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Chronic Headache and Backache treatment in Kurukshetra

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Are you looking for Chronic Headache and Backache Treatment in Kurukshetra?

There are issues like chronic headaches and backache treatment in Kurukshetra and they are to be noticed immediately, going to a neurosurgeon will make your path easier. The commonly addressed issues in this article are backache and headache. Backache also has many reasons like some injury, prolonged sitting in a posture or sitting in a wrong posture, less walking, carrying heavy loads, old surgery, post pregnancy and post-surgery back pain due to anesthesia. If there is normal routine pain then it can be cured by applying a pain balm or having a pain killer but if the root cause is different then go to a specialist.

Probing into the details of Headaches :

There are nearly 150 kinds of headaches, some are primary and some are secondary. Due to headache pain, muscles swell, which is essential to relax them, so physiotherapy and neurosurgery treatment go side by side for chronic headache treatment. Regular headaches go soon, but chronic ones are too severe and need better treatment.

A few triggers Chronic headache and backache treatment in Kurukshetra may have the following reasons:


  1.  Stress
  2.  Emotional Distress
  3.  Infections
  4.  Consuming alcohol
  5.  Gulping of Processed meat
  6.  Consuming Nicotine 
  7.  Changes in sleep pattern
  8.  Poor posture
  9.  Blowing nose or coughing 

All of the above symptoms can create chronic headache treatment and needs to be treated asap.

There are a few common headaches including cluster headaches, migraine, and new daily persistent headaches. Headache Pain is largely ignored, people take self-medication and just go to work. If you have headache pain which is occurring again and again and is severe then there is a problem in your nervous system and thus treatment is a must.

Headaches are completely different and have various reasons, we need to know that all the 

headaches differ a great deal in terms of severity, location, and duration, and different types of headaches produce different symptoms. The categories are as under:

One biggest cause of this era is tension. Tension headaches are most often common with those people who are over-emotional and overthink any issue. The symptoms include the impact on the forehead and back of the head.

This headache pain is sometimes mild and sometimes moderate. Its treatment does not come under chronic headache treatment.

Cluster headaches: These headaches are recurring and severe and mostly attack males. There may be the following symptoms one can feel after getting affected by cluster headaches. 

  • Burning sensation around the eye area
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Blocked nose
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sensitivity to noise or loud sound

There is no warning sign of these cluster headaches and people might feel up to 8 attacks which might last between 15 minutes to three hours. If the symptoms are similar to hay fever, then one must immediately see a doctor. Medicines can cure this headache easily.

Sinus Headache Symptoms : This headache occurs when you have a cold and cough. As a result of this you will have:

  • Pain in nose and forehead
  • Stuffiness or swelling in the eyes
  • Fever and bad taste in the mouth
  • More pain while walking or moving the head

Headache Due to over-medication : Medicines overuse or too much dependency on drugs can make the plight of the patient more critical. It is called MOH and can have the following symptoms:

  • More and more frequent headaches
  • Morning headaches

Exertional pain in the head : The triggers of this kind of headache are as follows:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Sexual act
  • A gust of sneezing and coughing

Migraine Pain :


This pain is a throbbing pain in the head and is most often found in people who have a family history of migraine. The patient becomes extremely sensitive to light and noise. This pain can also occur due to various other reasons which are yet unknown. It can last for a few days and the patient will feel nausea, muscle stiffness and insomnia. It has divergent phases like the aura phase, prodrome symptoms etc.

Spinal Disc, Spinal Injury and Back pain :


There is another issue that is called back pain, people have misconception that back pain and spinal pain are completely different but most often spinal disc or spinal injury can also cause back pain and to know the reason behind your back pain you must consult a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon will be able to check the symptoms and will guide you for a few tests, this will enable him to get an idea what problems you might have. Back pain is a burning sensation or shooting sensation when we overuse our back. These days this problem is another common issue, as many people have sitting jobs. They have to operate computers and laptops the whole day, thus they damage their posture and their spine gets affected. Moreover, these days students are also overusing mobiles and laptops which is not good for their health. The serious issue comes when we cannot move much or are injured badly. Our moments are restricted due to the backache. We are confined to a few moments and they are painful. Medication, physiotherapy and surgery are the ways which will help you to recover from the pain. One must know that self-medication is dangerous, so going to a neurosurgeon will be a great help. Dr Himanshu Jain is a well-known neurosurgeon, who can perform surgical procedures and also can give you medicine for neurological disorders. 

A neurosurgeon also has knowledge about neurological disorders thus can treat skull, spinal vertebrae, blood vessels membrane tissues and also can perform the following surgeries like:

  • Open Surgery
  • MIS
  • Microsurgery
  • Radiosurgery
  • Endovascular procedures
  • Chronic pain interventional surgery

If you feel that you are having any of the above symptoms then visiting Dr Himanshu Jain will be a great help. Dr Himanshu Jain is the best for chronic headache and backache treatment in Kurukshetra