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Contact Only Dr. Himanshu Jain for Emergency Head Surgery and Treatment :

The word `Head injury’ bangs in your head like an actual head injury. The fact that it can occur due to a major accident or while playing sports. Our head plays a vital role in our body. It is the constitution of all nerves from the upper to the lower part of the body.

An injury caused to the brain, skull or scalp is a head injury. It can be major or minor. It is important to never ignore any kind of injury caused to the brain. In a time of need, if you require a consultation for head injury treatment in Kurukshetra, you need a surgeon who can take quick and prudent decisions to help the patient get out of the most critical situations.  A highly competent doctor can do this after weighing the pros and cons of the matter.

Just imagine a patient bleeding badly due to a head injury! This creates a picture of empathy and a normal person will lose his power of critical thinking. However, a surgeon needs to control his emotions and work with his experience and tools. A surgeon must be able to handle traumatic head injuries (Subdural, Epidural, Intra cerebral Hematoma, Depressed fracture) and that’s what Dr Himashu Jain will do for you.

A probe into types of Head Injury :


It is uncontrolled bleeding in the space around your brain or bleeding within your brain tissue.


It occurs when the effect of the injury is mild on the brain and It can lead to transient damage.


The swelling in the brain tissues caused due to head injuries.

Skull Fracture

Any break in the cranial bone causes a skull fracture.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

An injury caused to the brain which does not cause bleeding but damages the brain cells which in turn leads to dysfunctioning of the cells. It can damage the brain.

Diagnosis and Treatment of head injury:

Treatment of head injury is done according to the above situations, to recognize the type of injury is a requisite to get a better idea. The first step to handling the situation of head injury treatment in Kurukshetra is to diagnose the case of head injury to judge the seriousness of the problem. Then the treatment of head injury goes with medications or surgery which is required most often in accidents and mishaps.

Head injuries can be extremely perilous and life-threatening, so prevention is a better way to avoid a fatal situation. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot avoid it and get injured. Mild injuries are not fatal and do not create much bigger issues but if there are such situations when the injury is critical then a prompt decision for surgery can save lives.

Tips to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. The need to prevent your brain or skull is the pre-requisite and you must wear a helmet while riding a bike or bicycle and wear a seat belt when you are driving or sitting in a car.
  2. Older adults must be prevented from climbing stairs : Older people can easily fall as they are weak enough and take a lot of time to recover.
  3. Sports injury should be prevented: Sports injury can be prevented by using helmets and headgear which come in different styles and sizes approved by American Society while playing sports.
  4. Avoid consumption of alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited while driving, as it can lead to major traumatic brain injury.
  5. Teenagers above 18 years of age should only be allowed to drive with a proper license and helmet which can be helpful in preventing brain injuries. This will save you further from complications

Why Dr. Himanshu Jain for head injury treatment in Kurukshetra?

Dr Himanshu Jain is the leading doctor in Kurukshetra who provides the best services with a well-equipped hospital to patients who are in dire need of head injury treatment leads to the fact that head injury treatment in Kurukshetra is done by a knowledgeable and highly qualified surgeon.

Facilities Available in Dr.Himanshu Jain’s Hospital for treatment of head Injury:

Dr Himanshu’s clinic is fully equipped with all the necessary medical facilities like a team of highly skilled and professional doctors, staff nurses who are available 24*7, receptionists and many more.

OPD : Dr. Himanshu Jain`s Hospital is fully equipped with all the necessary medical facilities like a team of highly skilled and professional doctors, staff nurses who are available 24*7, receptionists and many more.

Indoor Facility : Patients after surgery or some injury in case of emergency are provided with an indoor facility in which they can be easily observed by the staff and the doctor.

Minor OT : The hospital provides the facility for minor surgeries or the dressing of lacerated wounds.

Laboratory Services : All tests are easily accessible to the patients within the hospital whenever required, and the lab available in the hospital gives the report at the earliest and at an economical price.

ECG : Before proceeding with the surgical operation every doctor prescribes ECG to check the proper functioning of the heart. It is highly beneficial for the patients that it is also available here in our clinic.

X-Ray : Patients are advised to get an X-Ray report before surgery of a damaged part. The hospital provides advanced X-Ray machines and advanced CT Scan Machines to the patients.

Pharmacy :  All reliable quality medicines are available at the pharmacy store in the hospital itself. This solves much of the hassle and patients do not have to run here and there.

Ambulance Services : 24*7 Ambulance services are available for transporting patients from home to the hospital in case of emergency.

Dr Himanshu Jain, the leading and renowned specialist who is highly skilled in their profession in Kurukshetra, has a well-established and fully equipped hospital with all the medical facilities. You can easily contact Dr Himanshu’s Hospital at any time if needed for head injury treatment in Kurukshetra.