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Looking for Migraine Treatment in Kurukshetra? Call Dr Himanshu Jain for Quick Relief

Migraine headache treatment is done for the throbbing pain in your head which is unbearable and makes you more sensitive to light, sound and smell. A patient might have it for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of many days. The person suffering from a migraine can not even perform normal day-to-day tasks. Some people might get affected by aura when with migraine they can suffer from flashes of light or even they can have problems with their speech, it is a warning symptom and needs a serious discussion with a neurosurgeon. Dr Himanshu Jain is a qualified neurosurgeon who can smartly handle any kind of neurosurgical procedures and also can comprehend migraine headache treatment. The emergency care unit is also there to assist people who are suffering from severe headaches. A neurologist diagnoses the problem and recommends you an effective treatment plan. Doctors may also recommend pain relievers for severe pain and then medication for symptoms is also given, so that cure could be possible.

Why Dr Himanshu Jain? Why you should choose a neurosurgeon for the treatment of migraine?

Most often people go to a physician for migraine headache treatment but a neurosurgeon can better treat it because he can understand the nervous system more efficiently. He can treat it well if any surgery or medication is required. He is a qualified neurosurgeon, who is available for the services described above, he takes advice from his fellow doctors if required and then only acts accordingly.

Primary and secondary Headaches :

There are two types of headaches primary and secondary which will clearly elaborate the fact that how the diagnosis must be done which will lead to migraine treatment in Kurukshetra or any other vicinity. Primary is due to problems in the nervous system while secondary is due to some other reasons like fever or fatal accidents etc. The secondary category of headaches requires blood tests and other body tests. Migraine headache treatment can be done by transforming lifestyle and leaving sedentary habits.

Migraine is carried out to generations sometimes, so before treating migraine family history is enquired about and checked. It is not true that always it is carried by genes, sometimes it attacks all of a sudden and the causes are complex and beyond comprehension. Migraine treatment in Kurukshetra is done based on all the tests and diagnoses.

Tests  required to diagnose the problem :

  • MRI: In this test powerful radio waves are produced and a magnetic field is created to get the image of the problem area inside blood vessels and the brain.
  •  CT scans and X-rays also get an image of the problem area

Here we are going to suggest you some tips to avoid migraine:

  •  Keep a written record:

Migraine is triggered or started for various reasons and it is always according to the individual condition. You must be aware that what you ate & drank triggered your headache, check the weather change as it might also initiate headaches for some people. Last but not least make note of your daily exercise schedule and do not skip it.

  •  Avoid noisy atmospheres and extremely bright lights: A loud noisy ambience and too many lights can disturb you and this can enhance the chances of migraine. There are people who are in the profession of teaching, and the people in the film or music industry fall prey to such kind of problem and need.
  • Work on reducing screen time : Too much-watching Tv and sitting in front of a computer or laptop screen, sitting with the eyes on mobile is to be avoided if you have doubt that your headaches are due to migraines. If it is possible to avoid driving at night then it would also help. Treatment of migraine will also help you to cop-up with this kind of problem.
  • Monitor your food-eating habits : There are food choices which make us sicker. Food is eaten for providing energy to the body but one needs to check this out the food they eat should not enhance the chances of migraine and lead to migraine treatment in Kurukshetra.
  • Sleep properly : Proper sleep is required to treat migraine and if someone does not get a sound sleep, can get badly affected by migraine. One should notice that what was the duration of exact sleeping hours.

 If anything does not work then the neurosurgeon will treat it. Treatment of migraine can be done both ways with or without medicines. It is essential to get nutrients which are required for good health and help to reduce migraine pain. A few herbs and minerals can help like a miracle and most often it has been observed that Magnesium deficiency can also finally assist your treatment of migraine. Still, there are some neurosurgical treatments which can help you out, for this you need to go to the hospital of Dr Himanshu Jain, to get the best cure and advice.

Why a routine check-up is required?

People generally think that neurosurgeons must be visited only when there is a fatal accident, head injury or such traumatic situation. 99 % of people do not visit a neurosurgeon for any routine check-up or diagnosis. The reality is that a normal physician can not understand what is causing problems in your nervous system and thus it is essential to get a complete check-up. There are various other services provided by neurosurgeon  Dr Himanshu Jain:

  • Spine Injury treatment 
  • Spinal disc
  • Brain tumour 
  • Spinal tumour 
  • Spinal Disraphisam 
  • Hydrocephalous

He is a qualified neurosurgeon, who is available for the services described above, he takes advice from his fellow doctors if required and then only acts accordingly. Physiotherapy is also given at Dr Himanshu Jain`s hospital so that patients should recover fast. These sessions are very relaxing and patients get fast recovery from migraine or spinal discs.

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