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Who is the best spine injury treatment provider in Kurukshetra?

We want you to be in the best of your health :


Health is a greatest treasure and Doctors and surgeons are treated as the embodiments of the divine in our nation. This is the reason that the responsibility of a surgeon increases as his cautiousness can save lives. Dr Himanshu comprehends this responsibility and bears it on his shoulders smartly.


Spinal and brain functions are critical in the body and if a spine is injured or a patient is suffering from a sudden serious accident then a nearby hospital ambulance is called to take him to the hospital. The ambulance should be ready round the clock so that the sufferer can be saved. Spine Injury is a major injury and here in this article, we shall know it completely.

Spine Injury damage which is repairable 

 When the spine or nearby tissues and bones of the spine are damaged by an injury then movements are hindered. This is a critical injury and can be treated by a specialist only.


A spine injury is a damage which at least does not break the bone completely into two pieces and just causes a break into vertebrae. This usually occurs due to accidents, hurt by the gusty flow of water or playing sports. Osteoporosis or Osteopenia occurs due to hormonal imbalance or extreme weakness. If you are a resident of this vicinity then visiting Dr Himanshu will be fruitful and relieving for spine injury treatment in Kurukshetra. 

 There is a set process for treating spinal cord injury.

 You should seek emergency assistance in case of spine ligament injury treatment as the following symptoms are the major symptom visible after spinal cord injury.

  • Neck pain, and back pain also take you to spine ligament injury treatment 
  • Spinning of head
  • Numbness in any of limbs (legs/ arms/shoulder/hands/foot)
  • Tingling sensation /Abnormal sensation in any of the Limbs (arms/ legs/shoulder/hands/foot) or in any particular area of either Limb
  • Radicular pain in arms, legs, shoulder, hand and foot may compel you for spine injury treatment in Kurukshetra


  • Weakness in either of the Limbs(legs/arms/shoulder/hands/foot)
  •  Difficulty in passing urine or stool

These above symptoms can be cured by performing:

  • Exercise and Yoga
  • Taking proper medicine
  • Exercising under the guidance of the professional
  • Surgery performed by a neurosurgeon



 Know the reasons for spinal cord injury


  •  Trauma or accident when the electricians climb on poles, they might get an electric shock and thus they can have this injury.
  • Mostly in rural areas people fall from the tree and get this injury
  •  An accident while playing any sport or exercising without the guidance 
  • Picking weight more than your caliber, most often while exercising in gym
  • Tumours and spondylosis 
  •  Innate growth disorders
  • Fracture due to osteoporosis

 How to prevent these unfortunate incidents which lead to spine ligament injury treatment:

Always use the seat belt in the car while sitting and driving it

  •  Avoid diving in a hollow pool
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights 
  •  Use sports uniform and gear to protect yourself from the injury 

 Most often people get confused and think that back injury and spinal injury can be only treated by an orthopaedic actually but it is indeed a myth. The people must go to a neurosurgeon as it is related to nerves installed in the spine and they can get damaged. In back injury bones and soft tissues of the area are damaged while in the case of spinal cord injury a neurosurgeon like Dr Himanshu can only help to get better spine injury treatment in Kurukshetra. 

 The body is badly impacted by this injury because:

  • The body will not be properly functioning
  • Muscles will have severe pain and moment will be difficult
  • The process of conversion of food to energy will be stopped or slowed down
  • Sensation in body parts without reason
  •  Heart rate will be dipped or will be swift
  • Bowel function will be hindered.

 So, treating the spine injury is a must and diagnosing is the way to know what type of spine ligament injury treatment is the need of the hour. If you are also one who is struggling with this problem spine injury treatment in Kurukshetra is available at affordable prices.


 OPD or Emergency we have both for you so the patient should keep Dr Himanshu`s Hospital contact number with him/her while commuting.


 What are diagnostic tests for knowing the severity of injury? Are they available here?

 Yes, we have all the tests which will help to diagnose the state of the patient.

 These tests are:

  • CT scan
  • MRI
  •  X-Ray

 The tests are done in an emergency too and the best part is surgery is also done in no time as doctor Himanshu is available for all the emergency treatments.


 Who is Dr Himanshu?


 Dr Himanshu is a renowned brain and spine surgeon and performs successful neurosurgeries in Kurukshetra. He is an expert in handling all the cases related to the brain and spine and if we talk mainly about the spine then he can perform minimally invasive surgery for the spine, cervical disc, spinal tumors, spinal infections and spinal fractures. His academic qualifications include M.Ch (Neurosurgery) from BHU (Varanasi) and an M.S General surgery from King George’s College Lucknow.

 He is experienced and has worked as:

  • Associate consultant at Max Hospital, Delhi
  • Senior resident at Fortis Hospital, Noida
  • Senior resident at Sushruta Trauma Center, Delhi
  • Senior resident at IHBAAS, Delhi 

 All of the above qualifications and experience and coordination with other specialists make the patient recover fast.  There is a need for various hi-tech equipment, which is mandatory at that time.  We must know that facts that spine injury is a serious issue and is not to be ignored. The person should be aware of the most common facts as fatal accidents can occur anywhere, anytime. As the future is unpredictable one should be careful enough to avoid accidents.

 If any of your known strangers is in such a situation and it happens near Kurukshetra then it is our responsibility to help and take him/her to the hospital. You also should have the contacts of the health providers with you for any kind of such situation.

 What kind of surgeries and cures can be treated by the doctor?

 Dr HImanshu Jain can wonderfully perform treatment of head injury, spine injury, Spinal disc treatment, spinal tumour, brain tumour and all other kinds of services related to the spine and brain are his speciality. 

Visit us for any emergency or routine check-up to get your spine back in great health. We assure you that our staff members will listen to you and will respond quickly.

Important Note: The patients should try to reach the neurosurgeon within six hours of fatal accidents related to spine Injury, as the delay can be perilous.