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Spine Injury

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Spine Injury

The spine has the most incredible and complex structure of bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and discs. Few parts are strong and few are delicate and there are several issues which can become big obstacles in our day-to-day life. As the spine bears the weight of your body thus any kind of defect or injury can be hazardous.

If one feels the following issues then consulting Dr. Himanshu Jain can help you out :

  • Pain at the back of the head
  • Neck pain, back pain
  • Spinning of head
  • Numbness in any of limbs( legs/ arms/shoulder/hands/foot)
  • Tingling sensation /Abnormal sensation in any of the Limbs(arms/ legs/shoulder/hands/foot) or in any particular area of either Limbs
  • Radicular pain in arms , legs , shoulder ,hand, foot.
  • Weakness in either of the Limbs( legs/arms/shoulder/hands/foot)
  • ¬†Difficulty in passing urine or stool

These above symptoms can be cured by performing :

  • Yoga
  • Medicine
  • Exercise¬†
  • Surgery